Machinery of
Building a better democracy for the United States
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This website aims to find the causes of political corruption in the United States and to propose solutions to those problems.  We identify the campaign contribution system, biased media coverage, unreliable voting records, the Electoral College, and Gerrymandering in Congress as the major reasons for fraud and gridlock in the U.S. federal government today.

Some answers to these problems are suggested in a book called The Machinery of Politics.                                                                                                                     The book offers six Amendments to the Constitution, each written out entirely at the end of several chapters.  The basics of each chapter is explained in the several short videos below.

Fair Elections

Rebuild the Fairness Doctrine

Replace the Electoral College

Create a National Voting Day

Build Electoral Oversight

End Gerrymandering

This site exists to promote these ideas, gather public support to enact them, and create a space for further debate.  We sincerely hope that readers will mobilize popular support to apply these suggestions.  We know the Constitution must be amended to build a better democracy in the United States.  Many people may be intimidated by such a large goal, afraid of the costs of such a movement.  But most Amendments so far have resulted from mass popular movements with public demonstrations and, sometimes, peaceful refusal to follow laws.  These were known as “non-violent protest” during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s.

We encourage readers and activists from all places, cultures, status, ethnicity, wealth, political parties, and religions to set up local debate groups or Internet “wikis” to increase communication.  Americans of all backgrounds must realize that we can no longer sit, wait, and hope for change.  We must start a large social movement to implement the changes our society desperately need.